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BME Paris Biomedical Engineering Master's Program

Karl Alvarez

Oct 29, 2022

The BME Paris program is a 2-year English-taught master program in Paris, France jointly offered by Universite PSL (currently 47th globally in the THE world ranking), Universite Paris Cite, and ENSAM.

The BME PARIS master’s program is designed to provide a 2-year education program in the field of bioengineering, at the crossroad of biomedical and engineering science. It results from a partnership between Université de Paris, Arts et Métiers and Université PSL.

Based on this unique partnership, this master’s program is founded on an educational policy that favors interdisciplinarity and students’ initiative as well as international perspective. This policy is supported by the top-level and complementary expertise and know-how of the three partners: engineering science in the three engineering schools within PSL (Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris and Mines ParisTech) and Arts et Métiers, on the one hand, and biomedical and health science at Université de Paris, on the other.

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