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No matter how big or small, your donation can help our mentees achieve new heights!

GradMAP is a 501(c)(3)-registered nonprofit. There are multiple ways to support us:

Support our operations!

Donate to keep our Mentorship and Explorers programs running!

We are purely volunteer-driven. Your donation can help cover operational expenses—from maintaining this website to hosting Zoom webinars—so we can continue to carry out our mission in providing free resources to aspiring Filipino scientists.

To donate to GradMAP directly, click here for our PayPal link.

Support our mentees!

Donate to help our mentees apply for graduate studies!

In partnership with PAASE, we have established a grant program for selected mentees to cover their graduate school application fees and related costs. Through this program, we hope to reduce the financial barriers associated with pursuing advanced education.


To donate, visit the "SUPPORT PAASE" webpage or refer to the bank details below

Account name: PAASE Foundation Philippines, Inc.

Bank: Metrobank Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Account number: 093-3-09322505-9

Or click here to donate to PAASE's PayPal account.

Send a copy of the deposit slip or screenshot of the transfer to (Irene Villaseñor, PhD, PAASE Assistant Treasurer) and include in cc. Indicate that the donation is for GradMAP's Grant Program in the subject heading and email body.

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