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Schools and Scholarships

We've compiled some useful resources to help you find schools and scholarship options for graduate school.

This list is not comprehensive, but these are great places to start!

Curated databases

Search engines + Position Listings
Outside the US, it's not uncommon to apply for a specific position instead of a graduate school program. Google is still one of the best tools but these are also good websites to source leads.


School rankings and lists
Note that many schools have some very well-known departments regardless of rank (e.g. U of Utah for Biochemistry, Washington U at St. Louis for Neuroscience, etc). One of the best ways to find good programs is to look for great research papers and find the authors' affiliations! 

  • Nature Index - ranked by research output (number of publications and impact) by field

  • US News & World Report - ranks schools by field/department, unclear how they rank

  • Other rankings (Times Higher Ed, QS) - not ranked by field, unclear how they rank.

Preview Weekends

These provide applicants with insight into graduate student life by having activities within universities they are interested in applying for. Some have moved to virtual visits, and eligibility for Filipinos differs by school and program. Inquire before applying!

We will continue to update these as we get more information!

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