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Who We Are & What We Do

Technology Class

GradMAP was founded on the belief that STEM careers and educational opportunities should be more accessible to everyone, including Filipinos. We believe that there are many talented and motivated students in the Philippines who’d make wonderful scientists and STEM professionals but are limited by the lack of resources and guidance.


We aim to bridge this gap by providing one-on-one mentorship, pairing students with experienced mentors in their respective fields. Mentors provide support, encouragement, and insights into the graduate school application process, as well as help polish application materials. In doing so, we hope to increase the pipeline of Filipino students pursuing graduate studies, and concurrently, build a global community of Filipino scientists to support and celebrate each other.

Our Vision

GradMAP envisions a thriving community of Filipino scientists that work to reduce barriers for Filipinos in pursuing advanced degrees in STEM and related fields

Our Misision

Increasing awareness of advanced educational and career opportunities for Filipinos

Providing mentorship and support to Filipino students from all walks of life for their graduate school applications

Building a thriving global community that facilitates collaboration among
impact-focused Filipino scientists

Our Values


We strive to provide equitable access to STEM opportunities for Filipinos regardless of gender, social, economic, geographical, or educational background.


We try to place ourselves in other people's shoes.


We listen actively and recognize the challenges faced by people from different backgrounds.


We actively find ways to open opportunities for others.


We are motivated by and fully invested in other people's success.


We work together to achieve our goals.

We communicate clearly, ask for help and feedback, and are open to others' ideas.


We are willing to do hard things for others.


We push through discouragement and commit time and effort to helping others succeed.

Our Strategy

Build a network of mentors

who can provide personalized

assistance to mentees

Develop and disseminate

free materials about STEM careers

Share stories of STEM students and professionals and their journeys to graduate school

Meet the 2022-2023 Executive Committee

DSC_4805 - Biji Leyson.jpg

Christina Lora Leyson

Director, Engagement

Associate Scientist

Emory University

1466 (2) - Glynis Robert Aguilar.jpg

Robert Aguilar

Director, Events

PhD in Biological Sciences

Columbia University


Alicia Robang

Director, Partnerships

PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology


John Joson Ng

Director, Communications

MD/PhD in Integrated Biology and Medicine

Duke-NUS Medical School


Paul delos Trinos


PhD in Public Health

University of New South Wales


Lorenzo Sabug, Jr.

Vice President

PhD in Information Technology

Polytechnic University of Milan

Carlie Dario.jpg

Carlie Dario

Co-Director, Resources
PhD in Environmental Science and Policy

University of Miami

Maxine Chan (Formal).jpg

Maxine Chan

Co-Director, Resources

PhD in Engineering & IT

University of Melbourne

GOPR0147 - Princess Cabotaje.jpg

Princess Cabotaje

Director, Standards and Monitoring

PhD in Chemistry

Uppsala University

Meet the Co-Founders

Carlo David Cristobal.jpg

Carlo David Cristobal


PhD in Integrative Molecular and Biomedical Sciences

Baylor College of Medicine

Antoni Andreu Martija.jpg

Antoni Andreu Martija


PhD in Biosciences

German Cancer Research Center


Weaverly Colleen Lee


PhD in Biology

Stanford University


Louise Mari Bautista


MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise

Cambridge University

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