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Application Guides & How-To's

Mentor volunteers have created basic guides to help you in your application. These cover everything from deciding to go into graduate school to preparing for interviews. Guides include tips, tricks, and additional reading.



GradMAP Mentee Primer

This guide gives a brief overview of graduate school: what it entails, what to consider when choosing target schools and programs, and what the application process is like for most programs.


Basics of CV Writing

Your CV/Resume can make or break your application. This guide gives tips and tricks to create an effective CV that stands out.



Personal Statements

A well-written personal statement is crucial to a successful application. This curated guide to writing personal statements covers what you can discuss, what you should avoid, and how to write effectively.

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Anatomy of a Personal Statement

This breaks down the different components of a typical personal statement. Each statement is different, but many of the same things can be applicable to applications for other programs.

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Practical Tips for Essay Writing

This gives mentees tips and examples to improve their admissions essays.


Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation (LORs) are among the most important elements in your application package. This guide covers choosing your referees, asking for LORs, and following up.



Emailing Target Professors

While not necessary in all cases, having existing professional relationships with professors in your target program can give you a leg up in the application process. This guide covers how to effectively communicate with them through email.


Preparing for your interview

Interviews are a crucial part in securing an offer for graduate school. Here, we outline a few common interview questions and some basic tips to approach them.


Resources from other organizations

Other organizations have also created resources to help students with the application process. We have placed some of them here as well!

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