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PhD recruitment at the Dingal lab at the University of Texas, Dallas

Dave Dingal

Oct 3, 2022

We are still looking for 1-2 PhD students (Biochemistry or Neuroscience graduates) to train in our fun, young lab.

Please help spread the word, check out our group, and join us in diverse (and warm) Dallas!

In animals, cells communicate by releasing secreted signals to coordinate development and behavior. More than 30% of all proteins are secreted, therefore, cells must tightly regulate secreted proteins so that they function at the right place and time.

The Dingal Lab is developing biological systems, tools, and techniques to uncover the basic rules that cells use to form and process secreted signaling proteins. We use zebrafish as our vertebrate model to observe the formation and processing of signaling proteins during animal development and in the brain. We hope to uncover novel functions of various protein signals and to engineer solutions when cell communication goes wrong.

Find out more at the following link:

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